Balancing Study and Relaxation


To become a successful student, you need to study effectively. So how do you study effectively? Well you need to find a balance between study and relaxation. The human brain is not a machine, in order for the brain to function efficiently, it must have its rest at certain times.

Relaxation is important whilst studying and working, it has an impact on your ability to learn, to focus, to think and to remember. Finding a balance between study and relaxation will decrease the chance of you becoming completely stressed and overwhelmed by all of the work that is done.


It is important to take a break at the right time. If you find your attention beginning to fade, you may need a break. Once you feel that you cannot absorb (take in) any more information, it is a sign to take a break. You may want to get up, stretch or go for a walk around, watch some TV, spend some time out with your friends. Take a few slow, deep breaths, and have a drink of water. These are all proven to engage your mind in studying and helps to improves your overall exam performance.

I often find myself taking a walk outside and gazing upon the beautiful sky. This helps to refresh my mind and makes me eager to Learn more.

Preparing a study schedule helps you to time how long you intend to study for and when to take a break. This will enable you to complete all your work and still have enough time to relax. This balance will maximise the effectiveness of your study and allow your brain to function productively and efficiently.

I find that study schedules can be very productive especially when there is a lot on your plate. There may be times where they may not go to plan but overall having a study timetable is a helping tool for organisation.

It is important that when you are studying, you don’t overload yourself with information. Likewise when taking a break, you need to to make sure you don’t spend to much time on relaxing as it would probably mean that you’re not getting enough study done.

Remember that it is natural to feel worried and stressed, but if you’re feeling completely overwhelmed it could be your body’s way of telling you to slow down.

Waheena Ahmed, 14