Learning to Learn


How important is it to learn how to learn?

It might be mind boggling at first to understand the concept of learning how to learn.

But let’s find out.


First of all, what does learning actually mean to you?

Well, learning is the term used to refer to gaining knowledge and understanding of certain skills or information through studying, experience or being taught.


So the main question to ask yourself will be, how do I actually learn?

The key here is to make learning a habit. For some it can be challenging but for others it could be a natural gift. For learning to become a habit, one needs to adopt the correct attitude.

There are many ways to learn, whether its physically, socially, visually, creatively or audibly. Therefore the next question will be…


What is your learning style?

  • Visual learner: Do you learn through images.
  • Kinaesthetic learner: Do you learn through movement.
  • Auditory learner: Do you learn through listening.
  • Reading/writing learner: Do you learn through constantly reading over the information or writing it over and over again.


Do you have the correct attitude to learn?

Do you have interest in learning or are you clearly not interested? Are you passionate about learning or are you passionless? Are you enthusiastic or are you lethargic?

  • Motivation is the key to success in learning. Being stimulated will allow you to find some pleasure in studying. One must not have a negative approach in learning and think that they are incapable.
  • Patience also plays an important role in learning to learn. For example, do you really believe that you can read and understand one entire revision guide in one day, if so, then think again .

I have come across many times at school where my peers have tried to memorise key points the night before their exam, it had not resulted in a positive impact, rather they have ended up forgetting half of the information.

  • Therefore, learning also needs to be systematic and takes time.


Growth mindset vs Fixed mindset? [1]

Do you have a fixed mindset? Do you think that talent alone is going to make you successful? Are you one to believe that intelligence and talent are fixed a birth? Are you one to give up after a little look at the challenge? Well if these are all yes then you may want to know that you have brought yourself up with a fixed mindset.

Do you have a growth mindset? Do you believe that talent and intelligence can go up and down? Are you one to believe that effort and attitudedetermines everything? Are you one to embrace new challenges? Well if these are all yes then I’m glad to note that you definitely are in the position of having a growth mindset.

Having a growth mindset will allow your mind to grow and increase your learning capacity, which will give you the ability to gain more knowledge.I believe that everyone has the capability to learn and get the best from their education in order to achieve their fullest potential.

So make learning a happy and positive experience.


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Waheena Ahmed (Ummah Tutee)