Preparation for GCSE Results Day

So it’s almost here. The big moment. The envelope with the outcome your year’s worth of hard work is just a few days away, shaping the foundations of your college life and you can’t stop worrying. What if I didn’t make the right grade? What if I can’t study the subject at A Level? Will my parents’ be upset with me? Firstly, breathe. Understand that you have tried your best and no one can change the outcome now, but there are a few things you can do to prepare for your results.

In the days before Results Day, practice relaxing activities to ease out the nervousness. This could be playing a board game, some exercise, or even a brisk walk! Also remember that there is a fine line between overly optimistic and dangerously pessimistic. While I’m sure that everyone who tries hard will get the grades they deserve, remember to take a realistic approach too.  You can try writing a list of colleges in order of grade requirements, with the highest requirements first. That way, you’re not overwhelmed by unexpected grade and you have a Plan B if you need it. And another thing – stay away from unofficial marking schemes. They’re just going to stress you out, and there’s no need to be worrying about that one question you might have misunderstood. Worrying over something that can’t be changed doesn’t benefit to much, only leading to stress.

For the actual day, try eating a lighter breakfast if you’re a bit nervous. It’s completely natural to be a little jittery, but it would be worse for you to be on an empty stomach. Keep hydrated and figure out where you would like to open your results. Some people like the company of their friends, while some prefer the solitude of an empty toilet cubicle – it’s your choice. Don’t feel pressured by your friends to open your results in front of them, or even tell them your results. Only do so if you are comfortable with them knowing. You might want to stay in school to open your results to talk to a teacher about future prospects, but it’s completely fine to open it in the comforts of your own home too.

If you find that you haven’t done as well as you thought you would have, you shouldn’t worry if you managed to get into your preferred college. However, if you were a few marks off a higher grade, you can resubmit your paper for a remarking, and hopefully, a higher grade. Anyhow, if you have put sweat, blood, and tears into your GCSE preparation, I’m 100% sure that you will come out of it perfectly fine. Remember to celebrate no matter what! You deserve it for all your hard work, so good luck!