Want to Teach?

Ok so you want to teach.  Qualify as a teacher.   Be at the front of class with 60 eyes staring at you.  Looking at 30 individuals every hour waiting for you to talk.   Waiting for you to inspire.  Waiting for you to teach them something new.  You’ve dreamt of becoming a teacher.  You have something to prove.   To your teachers.  To that teacher who wrote you off.  To yourself.   You have a passion to teach.   A passion for the subject you wish others would love.  They say teaching is stressful.   But you can manage the stress.  Manage the workload.   Maintain a work life balance.  They say teaching is rewarding.  You want to see the students pass their exams.  Have that Eureka moment.  See their smiles.  I’ll make  great teacher.  I’m teacher material.   I have patience.  I’m good at explaining concepts.  Plan.  Teach.  Reflect.   Evaluate.